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Perhaps you can’t pinpoint any one thing that is causing you difficulty. You just feel that you, your world or the people in it aren’t as you or they should be.  You want to answer the mystery of how to be happy.

There is no getting away from it: life involves distress. We lose those we love, jobs end, we age and we experience pain. Or you might have a vague sense of discontentment, unhappiness or meaninglessness which you can’t quite name.

No amount of therapy or coaching can guarantee protection from bad things happening but we can work with our responses. The seeds for our growth can sometimes actually be found in our suffering but that requires us to cultivate those seeds with self-compassion and mindfulness which is far easier said than done, especially if we feel alone with our problems. This is where psychotherapy can help.

Sharing your story and having someone truly listen may be all that you need to feel reconciled with yourself or discover your answers. This work can be anything from short term (typically six sessions) to longer term where the mystery is more opaque and you want a deeper exploration. Sometimes enduring change first requires us to be fully who and where we are right now but again, that can be painful. After all, if you haven’t done that already there will be good reasons why and until those reasons are understood and their wisdom appreciated, they are likely to be resistant to lasting change.

If this resonates with you, do contact me for an initial chat about how we might approach the mystery.

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