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People seek therapy for all manner of reasons, whether in response to difficult life circumstances such as bereavement or the end of a relationship, or more enduring problems such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Psychotherapy can be extremely helpful in enabling you to talk in a way that creates the conditions for change. I believe that each of us already has our answers but sometimes we need a helping hand to unearth them and appreciate our own innate wisdom. We have far more power and potential than many of us dare realise.

Coaching can provide a somewhat different angle which is specifically future and solution focused but the fundamental aim of both therapy and coaching is to provide a reflective space to facilitate change.

Your own challenge might primarily be about:

Mastery - the desire to change, achieve or improve something or to increase your resilience. 

Mystery -  a less well formed sense of wanting to feel happier, calmer or that you are not fully yourself but without knowing how or why.

Memory – events, relationships and unfinished business from the past continue to dominate your present life in unhelpful ways.

Of course real life and people rarely fit into neat boxes and these labels are offered as a guide to help us both think about what you want to get from therapy. You might well want or need a blend of approaches.

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